Quintessential Listening: Poetry Online Radio


Quintessential Listening: Poetry Online Radio is a popular Blogtalk Radio podcast that is also available on Itunes, Sound Cloud, and Stitcher. The primary focus of the podcast is to provide a live platform for poets to share their work and discuss the art and craft of poetry. 

About the Host

Dr. Michael Anthony IngramProfile Photo

Dr. Michael Anthony Ingram

Spoken Word Artist

Dr. Ingram is a retired university professor and social change activist. A Washington DC resident, he is committed to employing the arts, specifically poetry, to disseminate information and raise awareness about issues related to power, identity, and oppression. Widely known as The Counseling Poet, he has gained an international reputation as a spoken word artist and performance poet. A Pushcart poetry prize nominee, Dr. Ingram has traveled extensively, reciting his works and conducting workshops on building cultural competency and empathy skills through poetry and metaphor.