June 16, 2022

QLPOR Proudly Presents Sylvia "Ladi Di" Beverly and Special Guests

QLPOR Proudly Presents Sylvia

A Different Kind of Poetry Podcast

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Sylvia Dianne Beverly is an Internationally acclaimed poet, presenting poetry in London, England, at the Lewisham Theater.  A collection of her work is housed at George Washington University's Gelman Library.   Ladi Di, as she is affectionally called is a proud member of  Poets on the Green Line, Poetry X Hunger, Poetry Poster Project and Voices of Woodlawn.  She celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Host Grace Cavalieri, reading on her show "The Poet and the Poem" at the Library of Congress Experience.  She is a founding member of the Anointed PENS (Poets Empowered to Nurture Souls)  Poetry Ministry, out of Ebenezer AME Church, an alum of Poets in Progress with Poet Laureate of District of Columbia, the late Dolores Kendrick.  She is author of two books (Forever In Your Eyes and Cooking Up South).  Recently her poetry appears in several International anthologies, Moonstone Press Anthology and part of Mike Maggio”s 30/30 Series for National Poetry month 2021 and 2022.  The late Dr. Maya Angelou is her hero. She is the proud Matriarch of her family.  Celebrating Black History 2018, she and her family received posthumously for her Dad, a  “Congressional Gold Medal” from the United States Marines.  She is a Poet of Excellence in Prince Georges County 2020.   syladydi@comcast.net.   Sylvia Beverly Facebook  Instagram @lovepoet13