June 25, 2019

Quintessential Listening: Poetry Salutes Unstoppable By Design

Quintessential Listening: Poetry Salutes  Unstoppable By Design

A Different Kind of Poetry Call-In Show

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Unstoppable by Design is a play that explores the life of Matt Rifenburg who at times has been homeless, friendless, hungry, married to someone addicted to drugs,  a clueless father trying to raise his son, and a man losing his job and being diagnosed with a brain tumor in the same week.  Refusing to give up, he applies for a job at Cornell University. Will his determination to overcome be enough to convince the interviewers he is worthy of a design position in the particle physics lab despite dropping out of school at 15 and never returning or will this be the end of his journey? Biographical sketches of the artists involved in the production of Unstoppable by Design https://1drv.ms/w/s!At_9Hw2EcAFFgjN2I1mp2JuS8lcE